Extensive business analysis and strategic planning

Is it possible to build and market your app? Find out!

Why Planning Application Development is Important

Software development is a complex process which requires many different roles and skills to work in unison. Planning and coordination significantly reduce the risk of expensive mistakes, wasted time and money. The documentation we create during our business analysis will not only be usable in the development process, but also in supporting your internal efforts, marketing strategy, and investment decisions.


We Helps You To

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    Identify the problem

    Every solution starts with a problem, and we will determine what problem your product needs to solve. Identifying the problem and pain points of your future users is detrimental to making strategic decisions about the next steps in the app development process.

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    Analyze and outperform the competition

    Competition analysis helps with finding the market gaps which your application will bridge. We analyze direct and secondary competitors to determine what needs to be done better in order to stand out from the crowd, win new users and snatch existing users from competitors.

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    Find the ultimate solution

    The best ideas come from combining totally different points of view. Our technical perspective combined with experience in your business domain often creates more value than the sum of its parts. By brainstorming with our clients we have come up with ingenious ways to reduce development time, cut costs and outperform competitors.

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    Set goals and prioritize resources

    Setting goals are essential for every strategy. Without goals, there is no true guidance, but not all goals are created equal. We help you determine goals which are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound with appropriate metrics to examine their success. Then we intersect goals with technical requirements and determine what needs to be done to achieve these goals so you can prioritize and get the most out of limited resources

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    Choose superior technology

    By performing Problem and Competition analysis we determine the features your product needs to have. Then we enrich the product with your ideas and after the specification is complete this helps us identify the most appropriate technology, possible challenges and cover potential risks.

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    Estimate earning potential

    We help clients answer one of the most common questions about their app ideas – How much money can this app make? We come up with an earning estimate by analyzing market potential, target audience, and third-party data.

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    Set a schedule for launch campaigns and a budget

    Once we finalize the list of features and determine which technologies will be utilized we give a rough timeline for delivering the finished product and a budgeting forecast so you can work on the marketing strategy and launch campaigns in the meantime.

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    Choose and test superb design

    After conducting a thorough business analysis we identify the BIG idea, the concept, and mindset which will guide the whole design and sketch all the elements required to make it possible. When you are satisfied with the design, wireframes are refined to a prototype with an actual look and feel of the proposed design. Test users can interact with the product and provide first feedback before the start of front-end development.